Use preset zoom

Highlight a specific region within an image

Use the preset zoom feature to centre and enlarge a particular region of an image within an exhibit. This feature works in panels, sections, and on the title page.

To highlight multiple regions within the same image, try using a guided zoom instead. 

Even if you preset a zoom level as described below, viewers can still explore the item and zoom out completely. This feature should not be relied upon to hide or crop content completely.

Preset a zoom level

  1. Open an exhibit in the exhibit editor
  2. Click a panel, section, or the title page
  3. Use the magnifying slider or your mouse scroll wheel to zoom to the desired level
  4. Click and drag the image to center it on the appropriate region

Reset the zoom level

  1. Open an exhibit in the exhibit editor
  2. Click Edit beneath the panel you wish to reset
  3. Slide the magnifying slider to zoom out completely
  4. Click the arrow above the panel editor to return to exhibit editor
For "immersive" panels, sections, and the title page, a default zoom will initially apply. This default zoom attempts to fill the entire view with the image while avoiding exposed edges. If you modify the zoom level this default will no longer apply. If you wish to revert to the default zoom, you must remove the panel or section and then add the item again.

Factors affecting the exact region displayed

How an image appears to viewers depends on several factors:

  • Layout option used by the panel
  • Preset zoom level
  • Shape and size of the browser window used to view the exhibit
  • Resolution of the image
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