Select a layout option

Choose how items appear within your exhibit

Each panel in an exhibit may be presented in one of two ways:

  • Simple layout  Simple: displays the item between others as viewers scroll through your exhibit, similar to how artworks would be displayed on a gallery wall; this is the default option. In a horizontal exhibit the item will appear with the caption to the right of the image. In a vertical exhibit the caption will appear below.
  • Immersive layout  Immersive: fills the screen with the image. In a horizontal exhibit the caption will overlay the image in the corner, and in a vertical exhibit it will appear below the image. This option also allows you to create a "guided zoom" in a horizontal exhibit.
Note: our layouts are optimized for any given screen layout, so this may change the way your exhibit is displayed on mobile devices.

Select a layout option

To select which layout option to use:

  1. Click Edit beneath any panel when using the exhibit editor
  2. In the panel editor, select the layout option using the layout selection toggle Layout selection toggle position
  3. The next panel you create will use the same layout option by default


You can mix simple and immersive panels in the same exhibit, take a look at our tutorial exhibit to see examples of each option.
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