Embed items

Add one or more items into an existing website or blog

Embedding items is similar to how YouTube videos can be embedded into other websites.

Here's how to embed an item:

Select the "Embed" publishing option

  1. Open the Items page icon Items manager
  2. Select the item you would like to embed and click Edit
  3. Under "Publishing options", check "Embed"
  4. Click Save

Copy the embed code into your website

  1. Click an item to open it. The embed code appears in the bottom right of the item editor
  2. Choose an appropriate window size. This controls how large the embedded item will appear
  3. Copy and paste this code into a suitable location in the source code of your website

Ensure the website domain is permitted to embed your content

Only websites on domains permitted on the Embed page icon Embed page are allowed to embed your items. Learn more about how to control which websites can embed your content.


Below is an item embedded directly into this page, we achieved this using the instructions above.

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