Set embed permissions

Specify where your content may be embedded
Embedding specific items or exhibits is only possible after you specify where they may be embedded, to do this:

Open the Embed page icon Embed page and select one of the following options:

  • Prevent all sites from embedding your items/exhibits: This option is selected by default. Add exceptions to permit specific domains to embed your content
  • Allow all sites to embed your items/exhibits: If you select this option, any website could embed your content. Add exceptions to prevent specific domains from embedding your content

Select your preferred option, then add exceptions as follows:

  1. Click Add exception
  2. Enter a domain e.g. ""
  3. Click Add
  4. Repeat to add any other exceptions needed

Click Save once you have finished. Changes made to embedding options and exceptions require a few minutes to take effect.

To embed content into a website created using Google Sites, you must permit embedding on the domain ""


Set the "Embed" publishing option and get the embed code

Any item or exhibit that you wish to embed must use the "Embed" publishing option. You will then need to copy specific HTML code into a suitable location in the source of your website or blog.

Learn how to embed items or embed stories.

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