Embed exhibits

Add exhibits into an existing website or blog

This is very similar to how YouTube videos may be embedded into other websites. Embedding is only available for horizontal exhibits.

Here's how to embed an exhibit:

Select the "Embed" publishing option

  1. Open the Exhibits page icon Exhibits manager
  2. Select any exhibits you would like to embed
  3. Click the Publish control that appears above the exhibits list
  4. Choose the "Embed" option
  5. Click Apply changes

Copy the embed code into your website

  1. Select a single exhibit in the exhibits list
  2. Click Get embed code. This will appear only for exhibits using the "Embed" publishing option
  3. Choose an appropriate window size. This controls how large the embedded exhibit will appear
  4. Copy and paste this code into a suitable location in the source code of your website or blog

Ensure the website domain is permitted to embed your content

Only websites on domains permitted on the Embed page icon Embed page, are allowed to embed your exhibits. Learn more about how to control which websites can embed your content.

To see an example of a page containing an embedded exhibit, take a look at our tutorial exhibit.
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