Hosted website

Create a hosted website

CI Cultural Institute website partners: if you do not see this option in your navigation menu you will first need to activate Google Open Gallery features for your account. Open the  Settings page icon Settings page in the content manager, under "Advanced" locate the section "Open Gallery activation", then click Activate.

Open the Website page icon Website page to get started.

Set up your site

The first time you access this page you will be prompted to configure some basic site settings:

  • Website title: Choose an appropriate title for your site, this can be changed later if needed
  • Web address: Enter a name carefully using only lowercase letters, numbers and dashes. Your site will be hosted on a subdomain of ""; for example, "". If the name you enter has already been taken, you will be prompted to try another.
Choose your address carefully as it cannot be changed later.

Click Create site to confirm, and your site will become publicly accessible at the chosen web address.

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