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Site customization

After creating a site, use the Website page icon Website page to change its style, layout, and other options. The preview of your site will automatically update as you make changes, however changes will not be visible publicly until you click Save.

Expand the sections below for instructions on each customization:


Modify the header shown at the top of your site. Add a title and logo, then choose a font and colours.

Unlike other changes that preview instantly, logo updates will not show in the preview until you click Save.

Introduction paragraph

Write an introduction paragraph about your gallery or project. This short paragraph will be displayed on your site's homepage; it cannot exceed 280 characters.

About page

Create an "About page" if you can't capture everything in your introduction paragraph. 

To include a video on your "About page", just enter a YouTube video ID in the "Include a YouTube video" field. For example, if the YouTube video URL is, the ID would be: q-TxebxUD54 

You can apply basic formatting to your text, and add clickable links. Just use the same set of HTML tags that can be used within exhibit captions.   



Add links

Up to five links can be added to your site's header. Short link text is recommended to ensure everything will fit. To add a link:

  1. Enter the text to display in the Link text field
  2. Enter the URL in the field starting with http://
  3. Click Add

Reorder links

Reorder links at any stage, just drag and drop to move them into the desired order.

Remove links

To remove a link click the X that appears as you hover over it.

Homepage Layout

Choose from one of two homepage layout options for your site: 

  • Fullscreen View: displays one item/exhibit at a time fullscreen, and changes every few seconds
  • Gallery View: displays several items/exhibits side by side, as though hanging on a gallery wall
The layout you choose is only the default; viewers can still pick which view they prefer.
Homepage Content

Select which items or exhibits appear on your homepage. There are two options:

  • Newest: The homepage will show your most recent exhibits, or if you don't have any exhibits, your most recently uploaded items
  • Let me choose: Select up to 10 exhibits or items to show on your homepage

Specify content to display

  1. Select "Let me choose" in the menu
  2. Navigate to the desired item or exhibit on your live site (in another browser tab or window)
  3. Copy its URL from the browser address bar and paste it into the field starting with http://
  4. Click Add
  5. Repeat for up to 10 exhibits or items, then drag and drop them to set their display order
Viewers can click Explore Everything on your homepage to browse all content that you have made available using the "Website" publishing option.
Custom Domains

Host your Google Open Gallery site on an existing domain or website. See using a custom domain for complete instructions.


Don't forget to click Save after you have finished customizing.
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