Preview & complete an exhibit


You can check how your exhibit will appear to viewers by clicking Preview at the top of the exhibit editor. If the exhibit is horizontal you can click the X on top right corner of the preview to return to the exhibit editor. If the exhibit is vertical the preview will open in a separate tab in your browser.


You must add a background image to the title page before completing an exhibit.

Once you've finished creating an exhibit, click Complete draft at the top right of the exhibit editor. The status of the exhibit will change from "In progress" to "Complete" in the exhibit manager.


If you have provided one or more translations for your exhibit, be sure to mark each one as approved. Exhibits with translations pending approval will continue to display a status of “In progress” even if the primary language content has been marked as complete.

Making further changes

Further changes to exhibits are saved automatically, however you must click Complete draft before these changes will be seen publicly. Exhibits with drafts pending will also have an "In progress" status in the exhibit manager. 

If you click See completed version this will show you what the last completed draft of your exhibit looks like, without any of the changes you have made in your current draft. Clicking Discard draft will remove any changes you have made since the draft was last completed.

All items must use the same publishing options as the exhibits in which they are used. If this is not the case, a prompt will appear to correct the publishing options of any conflicting items.

Completed exhibits will not be visible publicly until one or more publishing options have been selected.

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