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The Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) activity dashboard lets merchants see activity for their domain broken down by CSS for all of the CSSs that advertise products for them and that have agreed to share this data. The dashboard shows the number of aggregated clicks for all Shopping campaigns for which the country of sale is in the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom, or Switzerland.

Each CSS can decide whether or not to share activity data with a merchant. By default, no data is shared with a merchant unless data sharing has been enabled. Data sharing can be controlled at the sub-account level or at the account level for each of the domains for which a CSS has uploaded offers. 

How to opt in

To opt in:

  • Sign in to the Merchant Center account of the merchant with your CSS.
  • Click the tools icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear], then click Shopping ads setup under “Tools”.
  • Click on the arrow to expand the menu for Comparison Shopping Services.
  • Tick the “Enabled” box next to “Data sharing with domain owner”.

You can opt out of data sharing at any point by unticking the box.

Once you have opted in, merchants will be shown all historical data from the date when the CSS started getting impressions for the domain. Conversely, if you decide to opt out, all data will be removed from the dashboard and the merchant will no longer see any data for the CSS.

Need help? Click here to contact CSS general support.

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