About the most common quality issues with CSS product pages

This article highlights the most common quality issues that Google identifies with CSS (Comparison Shopping Services) product pages that participate in the opportunity to show product pages across Google.

This article doesn't replace the CSS opportunity relevant policies. The complete set of requirements that CSS product pages must adhere to can be found below:

Best practices

  1. CSS product pages submitted to Google must:
    • Highlight a single product and its description
    • Contain prices and selling conditions for the product offered by at least two different merchant domains that have this product available for immediate purchase online
    • Contain title, image and a way to proceed to merchants' websites where consumers can buy the product
    • Have the same language (at least its key elements) as its target country
  2. Headline offer submitted to Google must:
    • Be highlighted or shown in the top three offers on the CSS product page submitted to Google
    • Contain title, image, price and buy button or its equivalent
    • Be transactable and allow customers to buy the product online
    • Have the product available for immediate purchase
    • Have the same language (at least key elements on the landing page and during the checkout process) as the target country of the submitted CSS product page
Note: A CSS product page can be a headline offer if a consumer can buy a product on the CSS product page.
  1. The headline offer price submitted to Google must match:
    • With the headline offer price on the CSS product page
    • With the price on the headline offer landing page
    • With the price during the headline offer checkout process
Note: If a merchant runs a promotion campaign, then you can provide the price of the product after the promotion is applied. This discounted price must match the price displayed on the CSS product page, merchants website and during checkout.
  1. The number of offers submitted to Google must:
    • Match or be fewer than the number of offers available on the CSS product page for the product variant that you promote

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