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I am a teacher with classes in CS. How do I find and view my students shared scratch projects? I have created classes in google CS. Do I need to create a scratch teacher account so that I can fin… Many of your lessons require a computer. realistically I think most schools have ipads or tablets m Many of your lessons require a computer. realistically I think most schools have ipads or tablets mo… Is there a way to view the Google Logos my students create in Scratch and not just their progress? I would like to view the google logos the students create. I have created the class in cs first and … Hi I added animate a name to math/science same kids are both how do I delete the activity from one Hi I’m new to this program I’ve added classes Assigned animate a name to math and science classes I …
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After each Scratch video a screen pops up titled "Now its your turn" Is there an icon I click on? Now it's your turn do you still provide headphones to cs first clubs? I plan to run a cS first camp at the end of this month and plan to have 25 in my campand plan to reuse these materials for years to come. question about materials When I click open project in students stats there is no shared projects for any of my students I open student stats to see all my students and i click open in the projects column, but the next sc… I can't invite another host. They don't receive the email they never receive the email when I try to add a host
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Student joining group I have a student with a CS user number, however he does not appear in my group. I want to know if he…
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How can i get help for computers need extra computers
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