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class code I am looking for my class code we have finished our animate a name I am unable to load the scratch program. I have tried one two computers one says loading 1 of 41 assets and then it gets stuck the other computer doesnt give me the "remix" button and when I hit the create button the screen goes blank. I am unable to create a new scratch project. I have gone through the instructions several times and …
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How do I navigate back to videos(next step) after completing steps on starter project link? I have tried to sample the Characterization Starter Project to see if this is something I could use … I completed the CS First lesson on with my class on Donors Choose, but never heard back. I completed the CS First Classroom Rewards for English Language Arts Activities on Donor's Choose, b…
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I do not know how to get to the part where you make stuff I am tying to make stuff but I don't know how to get to that part.
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Is it possible to sync CS First class with Google Classroom? My students already use Google Classroom and I would like to know if there is a way for them to acce… Cannot locate Google Classroom share button. Read you directions. Not there. Logged in as a teacher. Cannot locate Share to Google Classroom button on activity. I have read dire…
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How can I find Showcase selector in the new version? I am looking for the showcase selector in the new version is this still available?
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CS First vs Code.org vs CoderDojo vs CodeClub Hello - I am not a certified teacher, actually an engineer. I am looking to do some volunteering, te…
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"How do I backup my photos?" All About Me I want to introduce Esports Gaming program to my high school, how and where do I start with that? I found a website that can introduce a gaming esport team program into school, however, I do not kno…
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Are you an educator that recently attended a CS First PD Session? If so, please reply to this post and introduce yourself. Please include where and what you teach and…
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advertisement: Isn't it possible to see black, brown and indigenous kids coding.? This is only a gut response to a CS First ad. The kids presented are lovely. I'm concerned about who…
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Game Design windows 4 & 5 refer to a "prompt". where do we find these prompts for our students? My students will be working on the first day of the Game Design curriculum
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Video conference and screen share with remote student I started teaching Scratch to kids around me to build awareness about technology and its application…
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Do students have to log in to scratch to save their project? I have an after school club Do they need to create a scratch account or can they just save it to the computer?
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How do I get started I don't know enough about this from the get-go
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