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Video conference and screen share with remote student I started teaching Scratch to kids around me to build awareness about technology and its application…
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I need to take a screen shot of my dashboard for a funding opportunity from Donors Choose. My students completed the Animate Your Name project. I need to take a screenshot of my dashboard for… I would like to use the quiz scores from the end of the Animation activity. how do I access results? I can click into each student to see their responses but I'd like a "spreadsheet" or report of stude… My students have completed an activity called Animate a Name but it is not showing up in the stats I have tried looking for the activity but cannot find it anywhere. Error 502 when trying to access cs-first website Getting error 502 every time students and teachers try to log in to cs-first website
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I forgot my password and username but I remember my signed up email Id. What must I do please help. I have tried making new account but couldn't do so, I tried recalling and recovering but failed.
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where do i find my students complted projects from CS First Game Design and Development? Where do I find my students completed work from the CS First Game Design and Development Storytellin…
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Can't view assignments or save to continue to work on incomplete ones Scratch Characterization lessons are not saving to Google Drive. It is asking for an app to open? Ho…
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teaching teachers I would like to teach this to teachers. Can they use their work email and join as a student?
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How do i change my username and password? Hi i would like to change my username and password and i dont know how pls help
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I was going to launch, keep getting error that says This site can't be reached in Chrome? I have already created a club and accessed the site successfully before. But now when I try to acces… how do i go into an old assingment I am trying to reenter a project I did earlier
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What if there is no scratch column on student roster page I can't see the students scratch projects, no scratch column on the student roster.
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Is there any way to have student usernames actual names rather than cs and a bunch of numbers. student usernames
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Do we still get the free stickers. or the color passports? My students really enjoyed the stickers
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I'd like to see my student's shared projects, where do I find them? My students have been sharing their projects. Where do I find them to see them? My students can not share or rename their scratch projects? The remix, share, title are missing After 11:30 today, my students can no longer see the remix, share, or title buttons in Scratch? transcript missing There is no posted transcript for the Music
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