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Is there a way to share an expedition with a remote Explorer? Can students follow (me) as a guide? Hi Google, Is there a way to share an expedition with a remote Explorer? Can students follow (me) a …
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so my scratch got blocked and there's nothing bad about scratch! how do i unblock it? to talk to my teachers but it wont work
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How can I lower the quality of the videos? I'm from Venezuela and here the internet is very slow. The videos are very nice and they look great,…
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Is the CS First website down? When I log into the website, go to my dashboard, I am unable to view class details or lessons. I sim… MY classes and work have disappeared. I click on a class and there is just a white screen. I can not get my classes or their work. The screen is white. how do i update safari on the Mac because it says that it CSFirst dos not work on the older browser asking my teacher How to edit survey, so i can re-submit I want to re-edit my surveys and submit again Google Classroom Share Button Missing I'm trying to share an activity to Google Classroom which I was able to do yesterday but today, the … How do I print the dashboard results showing all my students activities completed? I need to print my dashboard results on an activity for all my students. When I try to do a screensh…
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How do we save our work. We cannot save our project How do i change my username and password? Hi i would like to change my username and password and i dont know how pls help When I try to login as a teacher on my Chromebook, Error: redirect_uri_mismatch When I log into my teacher account, I get error 400 Redirect_uri_mismatch When I click on learn more…
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