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I can not see classes My school has G Suite education and I would like to use CS First classes at my G Suite. I have creat…
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CS First An Unusual Journey students can't save projects and open them using chromebooks. My students are using CS First An Unusual Journey. They are logged in to CS First and Scratch. They …
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Won't load more than 1 sample classes activity per child I've assigned 4 new classes to my children from the short sample assignments in the curriculum. Afte…
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In Digital Art, the scanner is not going directly down in turbo mode like the video and code says. Scratch Issue Exits won't switch costumes In the CSFirst Game Design, Activity 7: Game Design, my club is having a problem with the exit sprit… How do we save our work. We cannot save our project Are there issues with the sound and Music theme reflection not loading and scrolling on an iPad? I have tried Safari and the Google Chrome browsers on an iPad; however the music and sound reflectio… Using Chromebox, & try to follow link from CS First to Scratch Project. Message says Scratch crashed We have updated Chrome, tried refresh, deleted history.Sometimes, after several attempts to refresh,…
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Internet filter prevents students from viewing videos What domain needs to be allowed? Video playback
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slow loading The sites are loading extremely low. We like the curriculum but the speed of loading and getting kic… On my first day of a club, there are already "Past Showcases" listed for several activities I had my first day of a Music Help. I am unable to view student projects from student stats roster. And yes, they have shared. I created the class and had my students join. They all appear on my roster. I am unable to view thei… Pattern Maker in Fashion not working with correct code from video. Does work for small # of students Scratch Issue play back quality poor play back quality video is pixelated running on chrombook
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I am using android When i am using android phone how did i open the editer
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Has anyone else noticed the video for the Bounce Everywhere feature for Animate a Name is incomplete Incomplete Video in Animate a Name students cannot load a file previously saved from the computer. We have tried saving in different locations but still cannot upload their files saved the previous d…
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don't have a reliable internet connection. Any way of downloading the videos or pre-buffering them? No internet connection in class. How to run the videos?
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