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HOw do my students save their work? I'm new to this site and don't know how my students save their work if they are in my class. Thanks my students are being given an error code and cannot get access to participate. This is the 3rd try my students are being given an error code and cannot get access to participate. This is the 3rd atte… My students use chrome books for our projects. We aren't allowed to save to them. Help! Save projects so they don't have to be restarted each time. Why can't students use their school Google accounts to login to CS First? Why does CS First require students to create an account? Why can't they just use the same Google acc… How do my students share and view their projects. We copied/pasted to G.Classroom, didn't work. My students clicked share or remix at top of project. We then copied and pasted project URL in Googl… Student Sign in Never Loads When trying to sign in, students enter their class code and click join. They indicate they need a ne… Logging in issues Kids couldn’t get past creating a new username and password. Page would try to load but failed. They… None of my students can log in right now. None of my students can login Is there a way to eliminate the Spanish curriculum? I do not need it. I do not need the Spanish activities. Is there a way to eliminate them from my assignments so that o… How do I link the children's google docs school account to CS first? We have recently setup and commenced a CS first club with the local school. We assumed that, because… Are Google CS and Scratch acct synced or separate log in info? Do students need to create a separate acct in Scratch if logged into Google CS? If they do, can they…
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