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Export roster to csv for easier grading/alphabetization I've associated my student accounts with their real names, but they're all out of order. It would ma…
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Can I change the location for CS First student name files on my computer? (School deletes it weekly) I have entered the student names on my school desktop and a school laptop. The school system deletes… Is there a way to search a student by their CS User number? I would like to search a student by a CS number. He is using a number that I don't have on my roster…
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Teach 6th grade, have assigned classes. Can I block them picking projects instead of ones assigned? Teach 6th grade, have assigned classes. Can I block them picking projects instead of ones assigned? Hesitant to join CS First with 5th & 6th grade. Concerned w/privacy & liability issues w/ Scratch. I am revisiting the idea of using CS First with my 5th & 6th grade classes. I am concerned that stud…
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My students already have Scratch accounts. How can they link these to CS First? My students have been working in Scratch and have accounts. How can they link to CS First without cr… I am not having any class and teacher. How to study ? I want to study through CS First but I am not having an teacher. How can I study through it in free … Google SSO accounts Is there a way or is there any future plans of allowing students to login using their current Google…
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I have students who joined my class, but their usernames and passwords do not show on my roster. I have a handful of students who claimed to have put in my class code and joined, but I do not see t…
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How do I change my username without getting a new account? Do I need to change the codes in scratch? I want to change my username in scratch without getting a new account because my father put my real … I am trying to singh in scratch from my cs first id but I can't I am just trying to join scratch How do I add students to a class in CS First? I want to do it myself, not through Google Classroom. I'm trying to create classes in CS First but I want to add students myself. The students are too you… A student can log into CS First but cannot log into Scratch. Why is this happening? What do I do? tried to reset password but link is not coming to mine or my student's email address
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