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requesting print materials The directions to request "print materials" do not seem to be working for me. The information that I…
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Certificates for An Unusual Discovery Good morning, I would like to print certificates for the 5 one session programs, but can't find them… Do you have Korean version of materials? Hi, I wanted to check if you have your materials in Korean Language. If you do not have, we can tran…
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Link to a 1 page-double sided Scratch Cheat Sheet? Is there a 1-page double-sided Scratch cheat sheet we could print for the students that include the … How does one obtain an exception code for ordering more than seven kits? I'll need nine (two more). I've reached the limit on ordering, but would like to know more about ordering two more to meet the … Trouble with printing the Storytelling badges I am trying to use the Avery 8293 sheets to print the Storytelling badges. However, when I print- th… Sending material to Libya through an USA address Dear CS First team: I am planning to start my class this summer at June the 1st, here in Libya, and … I was planning on using the curriculum for social media unit but now its gone. Can you direct me to Where is the curriculum unit on social media? I accidentally left off a part of our shipping address for the Storytelling class starting April 4. I did do it correctly for my April 5 Storytelling class. How do I correct a shipping address? Address correction for materials I am trying to download the marketing flyer for Game Design and Storytelling, and I keep getting err Other ways to print marketing flyer?
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Where can I find a marketing flyer online so I can print it to begin recruiting students to my clu Marketing Flyer old CS First materials I want to know if the old materials before you upgraded to html 5 will still work or if I should ord…
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I set up new clubs (for midJan 2019), but received materials for the old curriculum not Scratch 3.0. I set up 6 new clubs (each a different theme) in order to get the updated materials for Scratch 3.0.… health activities ,work sheets health activities and work sheets for 60 aged and over passport for music and sound Something is wrong with the passport! It doesn't line up correctly and there is no Activity 2. Or am… I teach STEM prek-8th, Can I get printed material for multiple themes? I am a STEM teacher for grade Pre-k to 8th grade. I would like to get materials for multiple themes,…
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