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How do I join a class if I don't have any class room code?? I tried to sign up for a class. But there's no option for a new sign up through a Gmail account. Eve…
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I want to introduce coding at my school (ages 12-18). I am 16 years old. How do I start? I have given the idea to a school pricipal a long while ago and he was in for it. I had to come up w… Need info as to what this is. Do I teach online. What do I teach? I am a certified teacher of 38 yr I have just applied and need info about this. Is there a salary?
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how do you delete password and usernames to delete my password i don't know my username or password i don't know my username or password COPA laws and using Scratch with Google CS First I have used Google CS First for years and am a level one certified teacher, however our district has… Once my students open their new window to begin building their super hero, do they need to sign in? I want to know if students will be signed into scratch when they are creating. I followed the direct… CANNOT CREATE USER NAME I'm trying to create a student account but keep getting a "network error 504" and it won't let me cr… cannot get students username for CS first AGAIN today For the second time in as many days, It has taken more than an hour to attempt for my students to lo… How do I assign the activities of CS First to my existing google classroom so I can see progress? I know there is a way to assign the activities of CS first to my Google Classroom Assignments. I am … I forgot my password and username but I remember my signed up email Id. What must I do please help. I have tried making new account but couldn't do so, I tried recalling and recovering but failed.
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Is there a grade level listed with activities?I want to find something for as young as kindergarten. I have used Google CS First for a Coding Club at my school for students in fourth and fifth grade. T…
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class code I am looking for my class code we have finished our animate a name I am unable to load the scratch program. I have tried one two computers one says loading 1 of 41 assets and then it gets stuck the other computer doesnt give me the "remix" button and when I hit the create button the screen goes blank. I am unable to create a new scratch project. I have gone through the instructions several times and …
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How do I navigate back to videos(next step) after completing steps on starter project link? I have tried to sample the Characterization Starter Project to see if this is something I could use …
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