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What is a 'Playground Project' ? We had an awesome first day teaching Scratch remotely using CSFirst. I assigned the Characterization… Do students under 18 need parent permission to use this site? Our district tech dept. said they do. I have been using Google CS first with students for 2 years now. I was just told that I need to get …
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Can I link to an already existing GC or do I have to add another GC? All of my students are already in a grade level Library GC. Do I have to create another GC for this … when I sync with google classroom will CS first update as my google class roster changes? I am setting up an enrichment course using CS First. I will have the students join my google classro… Is there a way to assess the starting level of my students? ( Like a quick quiz) I am hosting a 1 week coding course for my students, they're at different levels in their knowledge …
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Is there a way for students to see each other's Scratch projects in CS First? My goal is to have students view other's Scratch projects and have the ability to leave feedback. We… How do i update the browsing to its latest version I'm trying to update my browser to its most updated version but I don't know what to do to start and… Gli account del dominio ittfedifermi.edu.it non hanno accesso al programma CS First. I used the CSFIRST in the 2020 with my classes. it's all ok. From 2021 the website show this message… I am not able to sign in to CS First using my Google Workspace account Not able to sign in to CS First using my Google Workspace account, and the service is not listed in … CS First does not appear listed on Additional Google Services We can not use this additional service via admin cosole becouse does not appear listed.... If there … How do I log in to teacher account? Says domain blocked, our tech says y'all problem Getting this message - our tech dept says y'alls problem. Unable to sign in. District domain name no…
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I need to teach sequential, concurrent, repeating, and nested events to beginners. Recommendations? I've taught Animate a Name and Storytelling. Do those cover concurrent and nested events? If not, wh…
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