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i have made my project and i have shared it also but i am not getting any reviews I have made my project on earth day and i have shared it also but not getting any reviews and i want… How do I change my username without getting a new account? Do I need to change the codes in scratch? I want to change my username in scratch without getting a new account because my father put my real …
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student can't sin into scratch A student has a cs first account but when they try sign into scratch the page just spins and spins. …
Using CS First in a distance learning environment Have you used CS First in a distance learning environment, or are you planning to in the near future…
Two of my students are severely dyslexic - can pupil texts be made verbally instead of typed? I would like the students to be able to "write" character text by giving verbal instructions instead…
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Student Names - Cannot Find Them Anywhere I keep reading that student account names are stored on my computer - but I don't recall students pr… My students are under 13 and don't have an email. What do they put in on the Scratch project? Since my students are under 13 they do not have an email address. The email address the district pro…
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i am still teaching virtually at the moment. Teaching 6th grade Trying to learn about CS First and if it can be done Virtually - 6th grade
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export G Suit classroom to CS first Export my G Suit classrooms to CS First Can we embed the videos in Schoology \can we embed the videos in schoology
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Is the "STARTER PROJECT" link broken? I have been using CS First to teach coding for 2 years ... and found it to be a great tool. This wee…
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I would like to participate in cs first study but I live in India.can I participate? I have explored the platform We need a class username and password We are trying to get into a class but need a username and password I am trialing GC First and Hour Of Code. Are these platforms linked? how can I link them? Hi there! I am a first time user. I am trialing Google for Education and Hour of Code for my school.…
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How do I reset a student's progress on CS first? Community, and googled it! Found nothing.
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