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Students are sharing the Code your Superhero activity but it says not completed I have my students completing the Superhero code but when i log onto their progress it says not comp…
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When I try to login as a teacher on my Chromebook, Error: redirect_uri_mismatch When I log into my teacher account, I get error 400 Redirect_uri_mismatch When I click on learn more…
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The language menu does not include Spanish in the activities, yet has many others...we NEED Spanish! Using Storytelling theme, while there are many choices for language translation, spanish is not one … I dont have a teacher and it wont let me sign in all i wanted to do was to animate my name but apperentally i cannot. I have tried being a teacher too but that is making me select a school and I dont have a school! In “Code Your Hero,”. I have completed the lesson, videos, the project, where is the survey. The activity instructions for Code Your Hero state there is a survey. I cannot find it and have not … How can my students share their projects with people outside our tech club? The students would like to share their projects with other students who are not in our tech club, ot… I need a permission slip to allow my students to access the CS First and Google EDU resources. Has anyone created a permission slip that allows students to use Google Edu and CS First? I would li…
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What are the two activities in code a hero? I am trying to have my students complete 100% of the Code a Hero. What are they doing wrong that onl… view shared projects My students have shared their projects, but I am trying to find where I can view them from the Googl… how can I lock my class? I would like to lock my class to prevent students to create new accounts as their first choice when …
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I can't login to Scratch I already had a Scratch account and my students have done a little on it, but not much. I was not ab… Students have shared their Superhero videos but my account says they are not completed The students have hit the share button but under my CS account it still says t Do you have a rubric for your unit on super heroes? I want to know if rubrics are available or your items? if students share a project in Scratch, under CS First log-in, does world see it or just the class? I am wondering if having a CS First account in Scratch prevents the world from seeing my student's p… STUDENT PROJECTS ARE NOT SAVING- I am not having any success saving my student Google Logo projects. I am not having any success in saving my students Google Logo projects. After signing in at the very… I'd like to see my student's shared projects, where do I find them? My students have been sharing their projects. Where do I find them to see them? Is there a way to look at my students' projects without having them click to share them? Is there a way to see student projects without them sharing it. I want to be able to see them, but n… Do my students need a scratch account to save their projects on google cs first? Do my students need to have a Scratch account to save their work? For example, when they click start… If my students click share on a starter project, with whom is it shared? I would like to know how my students can share a starter project with only me and not share with the…
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