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Can I use the code.org dashboard with CS First Music and Sound? I am currently using CS First's dashboard and just discovered Code.org's dashboard. I would like to …
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While I can access the videos and projects, my students cannot. Firewall issue. Workaround? While I can acess the videos and other materials in the projects, my students are blocked from viewi…
Tips for parents or guardians using CS First at home We’ve heard that some parents and guardians are using CS First to teach their kids about computer sc…
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What kind of recognition, if any, will I get from Google if I teach CSFirst in my school? What would I, as a teacher, would get if I teach CSFirst in my school? Would it be a badge, a certif…
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How can I change my daughters name so it shows up next to her projects once they are shared? I went into My Profile and tried to edit the user name but I do not see an option for it. sharing w/o viewers changing work done I would like to showcase student coding projects using the share links for our school website. Once … How do I see student work remotely? My students have worked on a variety of projects this week and I cannot see their work/project. help, how do I get this into google classroom once I create a cs first classroom? Please reply help I've assigned CHARACTERIZATION project to my class. How long can they access it for? NA How do I backup my photos Design
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