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I want to see my logo which was created by me,but i couldn't find it I am trying to find my logo but i could not do so 2 students created usernames/passwords on CS First, but they've disappeared and only work on Scratch Is there any fix for this or do they need to create all new accounts and start over? Can you input students manually? I have a class of 9-10 yr olds, but not all of them will be present at all the classes for all of th…
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I assigned an activity to a class that I no longer want the students to do. How do I delete it? I looked under class management but can only add activities and not delete them. My students use chrome books for our projects. We aren't allowed to save to them. Help! Save projects so they don't have to be restarted each time. Scratch is blocked at our school. Can I use Code.org? Do you have other suggestions? We can't log into Scratch. Does cs first curriculum have activities in chineese or creole? does cs 1st have activities in different languages for students? I'd like to see my student's shared projects, where do I find them? My students have been sharing their projects. Where do I find them to see them? I have no teacher, I am a student who is registering directly in this website and teachers of our school do not know about this website I am a student of Jhalawar in Rajasthan district of India. I am now in junior college. I like the we… where is showcase? I haven't logged in since last academic year and like the new site. However, I can't see the showcas…
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Can we bypass cs first and login to scratch only? The students watch cs videos I have downloaded. Their work is saved in their scratch account. SO, In… Unable to order classroom kits I am trying to order kits. When I enter my information and hit submit I get a "network error" messag… Scratch not saving to cloud or allowing remix. Students are only able to save to computer. Students are not able to remix or share projects. Is this a temporary problem or a change in scratch… STUDENT PROJECTS ARE NOT SAVING- I am not having any success saving my student Google Logo projects. I am not having any success in saving my students Google Logo projects. After signing in at the very… How to order my classroom kit??? I have set up my CS First Class and have clicked the "request kit" button. When I do so, it takes me… Existing Scratch accounts My students have existing Scratch accounts that I set up through my teacher account. I love having t…
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logging into scratch My students are doing the UNUSUAL DISCOVERY PROJECT through cs first. We watch the videos as a class…
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