Integrating CS First into other subjects

CS First can be integrated into other subjects such as English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science. The following resources help teachers consider the many different ways to do that integration.  These resources are not required to use CS First and teachers are encouraged to modify them to meet the instructional goals of their classroom.

Attend a workshop in the United States with a Professional Development organization to learn more about integrating CS First with other subjects.

Standalone Lessons:  

Combine CS First lessons with English Language Arts in a single class period.

Multi-Lesson Units:

Integrate CS First with other subjects in units that extend across multiple class periods.


Storytelling + ELA

Music & Sound + Science



Friends + Social Studies


Fashion & Design + STEAM

Art + Math



Sports + STEAM

Game Design + Engineering

Sample Rubrics 

Customizable rubrics intended for students to self-reflect on the goals of each CS First project and provide feedback on the projects of their peers.

Standards Crosswalks

Lesson Plan Template

Use the CS First curriculum and the resources on this page to build your own lesson plan that integrates CS First into another subject.



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