CS First Student Experience

What students see

When students sign in to CS First with a teacher's class code, they:

  1. Arrive on their class dashboard, with assigned classes and activities 

  2. Students click on an assigned activity and arrive on the activity overview

  3. Students click on an activity substep to begin watching videos and completing activities

  4. Students can return to the activity overview by clicking the theme and activity links above a video. They can return to their class dashboard by clicking "My classes."

  5. As students watch videos, their progress is tracked on the activity overview and on their class dashboard, including the last page viewed, to help students pick up where they left off.

View CS First as a student

To view CS First as a student:

  1. Write down or copy your CS First class code
  2. Sign out of your teacher profile
  3. Sign in to CS First as a student
  4. Enter your class code under "New students" and click "Next"
  5. Review your class details and click "Yes, join"
  6. Select "Yes" when asked if you need a username and password
  7. Write down your CS First student username and password, check the box, and sign in
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