CS First Student Experience

View CS First as a student

Anyone can review the CS First curriculum as a student. To create a test student account:

  1. Create a test class and select to create student accounts through CS First.

  2. Write down or copy your CS First class code.

  3. Sign out of your teacher profile.

  4. Sign in to CS First as a student.

  5. Enter your class code under New students and click Next.

  6. Review your class details and click Create a new account.

  7. Write down your CS First student username and password, check the box, and sign in.

What students see

When students sign in to CS First, they:

  1. Arrive on their class dashboard. Here they can see their current classes and any lessons that are assigned to them.

  2. Students click on an assigned lesson and arrive on the lesson overview. The overview will give them a brief introduction to the lesson. Below the overview, the lesson is broken down into a list of its activities to give students a sense of what is to come.

  3. Students click on the first activity in the lesson to begin watching the CS First instructional videos. The video will prompt the student to navigate to the Scratch for CS First coding editor, which will open in a new tab.  Students can then go back and forth between the video and project tabs to complete the activities.

  4. Students can return to the lesson overview by clicking the unit and lesson links above a video. They can return to their class dashboard by clicking My classes.

  5. As students watch videos, their progress is tracked on the activity overview and on their class dashboard, including the last page viewed, to help students pick up where they left off.

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