HOC 2018 and Scratch 3.0 Beta

An Unusual Discovery is CS First's 2018 Hour of Code Activity, and is built on Scratch 3.0. 

Scratch 3.0 is a new and improved version of Scratch, which features new design libraries, functionality on different devices, and new tools and features. Scratch 3.0 will be in Beta until January, 2019.

When students who are participating in An Unusual Discovery are directed to select a starter project, their project will load in the Beta version of Scratch 3.0. This is intentional, as we want students to experience the new Scratch 3.0 prior to the official launch in January.

Scratch 3.0 is not currently connected to the Scratch community so students will not be able to Sign-in, Share, or Save their work online. For this reason, we do not recommend starting a CS First class with An Unusual Discovery until after January, 2019. While students cannot save their projects online, they can download their projects to their local device and re-upload it if they want to continue working on it. Alternatively, consider taking pictures or screenshots of fun projects and encouraging students to showcase their work with one another. 

More info can be found in the lesson plan here and also on the Scratch 3.0 FAQ

Once Scratch 3.0 fully launches in January, 2019, the ability to Save online will be available. CS First will be migrating most of its curriculum to Scratch 3.0 in January (more info), so this is a great way to get a taste of what's to come.

We hope you like it!

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