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August, 2023

CS First spent part of the summer improving our Google Classroom integration. These updates may feel subtle but should hopefully enhance your experience when using both products together.

⚠️These updates only apply to CS First classes that are connected to Google Classroom.

Invitations no longer need to be accepted by students

Previously, when you had a CS First class that was connected to Google Classroom, students needed to accept an invitation upon signing in to CS First. This is no longer the case. 

Now, when students sign in to CS First, they will be directed to their dashboard where their class is visible and available to access. That’s it! Please Note: this assumes all students have successfully joined their Classroom class ahead of time.

CS First Roster will automatically sync every 24 hours

Previously, if a teacher updated their Google Classroom roster, they would have to manually “import changes” to their CS First roster. 

Now, your CS First roster will automatically sync with your Classroom roster every 24 hours. If you want changes to be reflected sooner, you can still manually select the option to “import changes” to your CS First roster. 

Error messaging when a roster does not sync properly

Previously, if some students and/or co-teachers did not sync from Classroom to CS First, you would have to manually cross check the two rosters to see who did not carry over, or wait for a student to tell you they couldn’t access your CS First class.

Now, when you import a class from Google Classroom, all students and co-teachers are automatically added to your CS First class (as long as they have accepted your initial invitation to join your Classroom class). If a subset of students fail to sync, CS First will surface an error message so you can fix the issue. Here are two reasons why a student account from Classroom might not sync with CS First:

  1. The student is using a personal gmail account with Classroom. CS First will not work if students are using a personal gmail account. They must use a Google Workspace for Education student account.
  2. The student (or co-teacher) never accepted the initial invitation to join your Classroom class. If this is the case, students will not appear in CS First at all. They need to accept their initial invitation to Classroom first.





Oct, 2022


We recently released an update that makes Latin American Spanish (es-419) a fully supported language of CS First. 🎉

What does that mean for teachers?

  • It means that now anyone can navigate to the language picker at the bottom of our website and select Español Latinoamérica to view our website and available curriculum in Latin American Spanish (es-419).
  • Known issues:
    • When you select a lesson that also has an es-419 version, and your students complete either the English version or the Spanish version, their progress will continue to still only show has 50% complete.
    • If you select and assign the es-419 version of the lesson, it will show up on your dashboard as the English version, but don't worry, your students will still be directed to the es-419 content. 

Which lessons are available in Latin American Spanish?

  • Characterization
  • Interactive Presentation
  • Dialogue, Narration
  • Figurative Language
  • Code Your Hero
  • Pitch Your Passion
  • An Unusual Discovery
  • Animate a Name
  • Coming soon: 3 updated lessons for Hour of Code 2022 that feature our new in-editor format.

What does this mean for our students?

  • Your students will be able to complete any of the lessons listed above in Latin American Spanish, even if you (the teacher) have added the English version of the lesson to your class.
  • Your students will arrive at the CS First website in whichever language their browser is set to. If your students need to manually change the language of CS First to Latin American Spanish, they can do so via the language picker at the bottom of the website or switch to the Latin American version of our lessons from the first video page of the English version.


June, 2021


Beginning on June 1, 2021, if you have CS First classes with student accounts that were created prior to January 25, 2021 - you will need to reset those passwords in order for students to be able to access CS First.


Please visit your CS First Dashboard to see if any of your classes are impacted. Classes with old student accounts will have a warning on the class card. You can reset the passwords for impacted students using one the following options below.


Option 1 - Bulk reset all student passwords

  1. Visit your CS First dashboard.

  2. Click on Reset passwords within the warning message which is located on the class card.
  3. Click the option to Reset passwords at the top of your student list.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking reset and download new passwords.
  5. This will generate a .csv file that you can download and save to your device.

Option 2 - Reset passwords for individual students

  1. Visit your CS First dashboard.

  2. Click on Reset passwords within the warning message which is located on the class card.
  3. ​​Find the individual student account whose password you want to reset.
  4. Click on the three vertical dots at the right of the student account.
  5. Select the Reset password option.
  6. A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Click Reset & download new password.
  7. The new password will appear on screen and will be downloaded to your device.


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