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Everything you need to know about CS First + Scratch 3.0

Updated Oct 4, 2018

We’re excited about what Scratch 3.0 means for our teachers and students -- an improved user experience, more stable platform, and more! 

If you are teaching CS First in the coming months, please keep the following in mind:

Start Dates

In order to have the best CS First experience as we migrate to Scratch 3.0, start your club with enough time to finish all activities before December 31, 2018, or start your club on or after January 7, 2019.

Theme availability 


Games, Storytelling, Art, Music, Fashion, Sports, An Unusual Discovery, Create your own Google Logo, Animate a Name and High Seas will be updated and available when Scratch 3.0 launches in January. 

Animation, Friends, Social Media and Gumball’s Coding Adventure will be temporarily unavailable starting January 2, 2019. They will return once they have been updated for Scratch 3.0. 


As we update our print kit materials for Scratch 3.0 and also in anticipation of school closures during the holiday/winter period, please consider the following as you select your preference for materials shipment:

  • The current (Scratch 2.0) materials will be delivered until November 30, 2018.
  • No materials will be delivered between November 30, 2018 and January 2, 2019.
  • Updated (Scratch 3.0) materials will be delivered on or after January 2, 2019.

Other notable CS First changes with the launch of Scratch 3.0 

  • The term “club” will be referred to as “class” in our materials.
  • Our Lesson Plans and Solution Sheets will move to Google Docs and you will still be able to print these documents if desired.
  • An addition of a new Starter Guide which will help teachers navigate the first day of a CS First class.
  • Scratch 3.0 will be compatible on tablets with Mobile Chrome or Safari.
  • The Scratch 3.0 offline editor will be available for Chromebooks in the second half of 2019.
  • Internet Explorer will no longer be supported by Scratch or the CS First website. We recommend moving to a supported browser prior to the launch in January.
  • For more information on what's new in Scratch 3.0, check out this video.

If you have questions about CS First + Scratch 3.0, consider posting in the Help Community forum.

Scratch 3.0 Beta is here!

Updated August 2, 2018

Scratch has announced the launch of Scratch 3.0 Beta (beta.scratch.mit.edu) and invites you to try it out! 

This new version works in all modern browsers across a broader range of devices, including tablets. The Beta period will last from Aug, 2018 - Jan, 2019. During this Beta period, the current (2.0) Scratch online editor and community will continue to be available at scratch.mit.edu.

Check out this video and the Scratch 3.0 FAQ to see what's new and to learn more.

What does this mean for CS First users?

No change. CS First users will continue to use the current (2.0) Scratch online editor (scratch.mit.edu) through January, 2019.

After the full release of Scratch 3.0 in January, CS First curriculum will be updated on the website, and students will create their projects using the Scratch 3.0 editor.  More details will be provided this fall.

We welcome and encourage you to check out Scratch 3.0 editor during the Beta period so you are familiar with the new platform and its new features come January.

Please note: While you can create projects in scratch 3.0 Beta and save locally on your device, you will not be able to save projects online. If you create something you'd like to save online (and with the Scratch community), please continue to use the existing Scratch editor at scratch.mit.edu

More details on the migration to Scratch 3.0

Updated the week of June 18, 2018

August 2018 - December 2018

Everyone is invited to try the Beta version of the Scratch 3.0 programming editor (beta.scratch.mit.edu). During this Beta phase, existing CS First content will be available for use with the current (2.0) Scratch online editor and community (scratch.mit.edu).

January, 2019

The Scratch 3.0 editor will be integrated into the online community (scratch.mit.edu), the existing (2.0) online editor will be removed, and an offline version of the Scratch 3.0 programming editor will also be available. CS First content will be updated to reflect Scratch 3.0, and all CS First projects will be created in the Scratch 3.0 editor.

Check out Scratch's blog and FAQ for additional information.

CS First projects migrating to Scratch 3.0

Updated the week of April 23, 2018

As an experienced CS First teacher, you’re familiar with how Scratch, the block-based programming language, is used alongside CS First’s free video tutorials to guide students through basic computer science concepts. Scratch is also a creative learning community that helps young people think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively.

In August, Scratch will be launching a new generation of the platform, called Scratch 3.0. This new version will include new images, support materials, and programming capabilities — and it can be used on more devices, including tablets. Learn more about Scratch 3.0, and the upcoming launch, on their blog and FAQ. If you’d like to stay updated on the progress of Scratch 3.0 and other news, follow them on Twitter and Facebook

We at Google are excited about Scratch 3.0 and are working closely with the Scratch team. CS First videos and materials will be updated to reflect the new interface, so students can continue to create projects in 3.0. We’ll keep you posted about our progress on these changes in this help center article in the coming months.

Scratch 3.0 Announcement

Updated the week of April 2, 2018

Scratch 3.0 Blog Post

Scratch 3.0 FAQ

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