Known Issues

[2/1/21] Error when signing into CS First after connecting to Google Classroom

In order to leverage Google Classroom integration features with CS First, Classroom and the Classroom API must be enabled for your domain. To do this, ask your administrator (who is my administrator?) to ensure that both Google Classroom and the Classroom API are enabled as services. For step-by-step instructions, your administrator can review the Control User Access to Classroom article to enable Classroom and the Set Classroom Data Access article to enable the Classroom API. 

If you cannot reach your administrator or are otherwise unable to enable Classroom and the Classroom API, you can navigate to your CS First profile page and disconnect from Classroom so that you do not reach error pages. 

[08/20/20] Shipment status and tracking does not display in Activities

After ordering a kit, shipment status and tracking information isn’t showing up for users. If you have any questions about your kit order, contact the CS First Team here.

[02/18/20] Share to Classroom button disappeared from activity overview page

Due to a change in the page design, the button was removed from its previous location on the activity overview page. You can still share an individual activity to Classroom by following these steps:

  • Add the desired activity to a new or existing class.

  • Click on the People icon for the new class.

  • Click the green Share to Classroom button to add the class/activity to Classroom.

See an example of Share to Classroom button


[12/11/19] Student account sign in issues and latency across the website

From Monday, December 9th through the early hours of Wednesday, December 11th, we experienced a bug with student sign in which also caused latency across the website. It has since been resolved as of the afternoon (PT) on December 11th.

We apologize for this inconvenience! It’s terrible timing - we know, and we appreciate your patience. If you continue to run into issues, please let us know.

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