Known Issues


March, 2023:

Sprite appearing as (?) in Scratch for CS First Editor

Multiple users have reported that when initiating a new or existing project, a sprite appears as a question mark (?) instead of an image. The issue occurs randomly, and is not tied to a particular CS First project. Furthermore, it has been observed to happen intermittently on

A few potential explanations for this issue could be including using a sprite or costume that the Scratch for CS First Editor does not support, poor/sluggish internet connection, or being blocked at your location or district.

CS First is aware of this issue and hopes to find a resolution soon.


February, 2023:

Unable to Archive Classes in CS First for Deleted Classes in Google Classroom

At present, it is not possible to archive or delete a class in CS First if it has been deleted in Google Classroom. We are actively working on a solution to address this issue.

A workaround is to move the class towards the bottom of the dashboard by clicking the three dots. This will allow you to move the deleted Google Classroom class down in the order of classes.

If you haven't already deleted the class in Google Classroom, you can visit this help articlefor instructions on how to delete or archive a CS First class. If you do this action first, then delete your class in the Google Classroom, you will successfully remove it from both places.

February, 2022:

Blue screens and loading loops when accessing the Scratch for CS First editor.

Users are reporting loading issues and blue screens when attempting to load projects in the Scratch for CS First editor.

We are aware of the issue and working on getting it resolved as soon as possible. In the meantime we suggest having the user refresh and/or restart their browser. If that does not resolve the issue, have them wait a few moments (3-5 minutes) and then try reloading again. We also suggest using Chrome as your browser to reduce the likelihood that you run into the blue screen.

Resolved Issues:

January, 2023: 

Unable to log in to CS First

Users reported that they were unable to log in to the CS First website.

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