CS First Classroom Setup

Our goal is to help teachers feel confident and well-equipped to bring CS First to their classrooms in a way that best fits their learning environments.

Creating a new CS First class

You can set up a CS First class in six steps. To learn how, follow these instructions.

Adding students

To learn how to add students to a CS First class, follow these instructions.

Ordering materials

Free materials for the classroom are available for Complete Themes in qualifying locations. You have the option to order free printed versions of those materials when setting up a class. Follow these instructions to request printed materials. To review digital materials for your class, follow these instructions.

Frequently asked questions 

  • Is it possible for a student to use an existing Scratch username and password for logging in to CS First?
    • Currently, students must use the CS First generated usernames and passwords within Scratch.
  • What kind of functionality is available between CS First and Google Classroom?
    • We do not have full integration with Google Classroom at this time. Although you can share CS First content on the Google Classroom timeline, students cannot use the full sign-in functionality. They must sign in to the CS First website using the CS First generated usernames and passwords.
  • What other features does CS First offer teachers?
    • The teacher dashboard provides a central location for a teacher to monitor students' progress through activities. To access, click Student Stats on the club dashboard. To learn more about class management, follow these instructions.
    • All CS First videos include written transcripts, closed captions, and playback speed options (slow, normal, and fast).


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