Volunteer in a CS First club

As of October 2017, “Volunteer” has been removed as a role for new CS First accounts. 

New users
New users can still get involved with CS First in the following ways.

  • Consider hosting your own club! Anyone can teach CS First. No CS experience is required and you can run a club anywhere as long as you meet the minimum requirements. To get started, set up a club online.
  • If you know of someone who is hosting a CS First club and you’d like to help out, ask them to add you as a co-host.
  • Look into posting on volunteer websites such as https://volunteermatch.org and providing the opportunity to facilitate or assist with a local CS First club.

Existing users
If you originally signed up as a Volunteer on csfirst.withgoogle.com, you will still have the ability to be invited by other hosts to volunteer in a club. Volunteers have less access to club information than co-hosts. If you think you need additional access to club information, ask the host of the club to add you as a co-host.

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