Your CS First Dashboard

Tools and tips to help you manage your CS First Classes

Class Management

Your CS First Dashboard

Your CS First dashboard contains information related to your CS First account. To access your account dashboard, sign in to the CS First website. As you navigate the CS First website, you can return to your dashboard by clicking on My dashboard in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


CS First Dashboard components

Plus (+) button

Use the + button to create a new class, join a class (as a co-teacher or if a student needs to enter a class code), and/or to create a new project in the Scratch for CS First editor.


This is a list of all your current CS First classes. Click on any class to view it in more detail or to make changes. You can archive and reorder classes by clicking the three dots to the right of a class name.

You must be signed in to the CS First website to access the Classes page.

Archived classes

View and delete classes that you have archived, or restore them as current classes.


View and access any projects you have created in the Scratch for CS First editor. Note: This is not where you will access your students' projects, this is only for projects you (the teacher) have created.


Access Google account services and/or delete your CS First account.

Class View

Visit your Classes page and click on a specific class to see a detailed view of that class.

  • Use the Units tab to view or edit the details of your class. Here you can:

    • Edit your class name (pencil icon located in the Class Header).

    • Add units.

    • View current units.

    • Reorganize, remove, and mark lessons as finished.

    • Access lesson materials.

    • View progress summary and other details pertaining to student progress.

  • Click the People tab to manage students and co-teachers for your class. Here you can:

    • Add names for student accounts if needed.

    • Reset student passwords and view recent activity and projects (click on clipboard icon).

    • Remove students.

    • View and remove co-teachers.

    • Access instructions for co-teachers to join your class.

    • If you’ve imported your roster from Google Classroom, you will add and remove students and co-teachers in Google Classroom, but you will need to manually update your roster for CS First here by clicking on Import changes.

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