Club Management

Tools and tips to help you manage your CS First Clubs

Account Dashboard

Your CS First dashboard contains information related to your CS First account.

To access your account dashboard

  1. Sign in to the CS First website
  2. If you aren't automatically directed, click Sign Out then try signing in again.

Account Dashboard components

My Profile

Make basic changes to your account, including changing your role and opting out of CS First emails.

My Locations

A list of your club locations and your role at each.

My Clubs

A list of all of your CS First clubs and access to individual club dashboards and club codes. Click on any club for more detail.

Clubs that have dates set in the past will be archived under "Past Clubs." To make a club "active" again, edit your schedule to reflect dates that are in the future.

To edit your schedule

  1. click on your club
  2. click edit next to Step 2 on your club setup page


Access to online student content, teacher resources, and digital materials.

Club Dashboard

Your club dashboard contains all necessary information, tools, and materials related a specific club.

To access your individual club dashboard(s)

  1. Visit the My Clubs page.
  2. Click on the club you want to access

You must be signed in to the CS First website to access the My Clubs page.


Club dashboard components


Check this tab for notifications that pertain to your club. 

Examples include: you have been invited to co-host or volunteer for a club; information related to your student’s progress; and/or tips for using club tools effectively.


This tab includes all club set-up information. Use this tab to: 

  • edit your start date/schedule.
  • check the status of your print materials.
  • edit your role in the club.
  • invite or edit volunteers.
  • invite or edit co-hosts.


Access to links to all of the materials, resources, and tools you need for your club.
Student Stats
Track student progress and access student account information as well as survey data. Information on add-student-name feature.

Pride Pages

A Pride Page displays information about CS First clubs hosted at a specific location, including the themes that have been taught, the number of students served, hours of coding, and clubs led.

How do I get one?

When you set up a club online, you will have the option to "create a public page for your location." If you select that option, a pride page will be generated for your location once students join the club and complete an activity.

To find your Pride Page, visit the impact map, zoom-in to your location, and click on the pin.

Create a pride page for a past club

If you forgot to check the box to create a Pride Page when you were initially setting up a past or existing club, you can create one retroactively. To do so,

  1. Setting up a new (temporary) club at the same location.
  2. Check the box to “Create a public page for my location...”.
  3. Wait 24 hours.
  4. Once your Pride Page appears (it will be linked from your location's pin on the impact map), it will include data from all clubs that have been hosted at your location.
  5. Delete your temporary club.
Only clubs that have checked the box to have a pride page created will appear as part of that location’s Pride Page.
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