Class Management

Tools and tips to help you manage your CS First Classes

CS First Dashboard

Your CS First dashboard contains information related to your CS First account. To access your account dashboard, sign in to the CS First website.

CS First Dashboard components

Classes page

You must be signed in to the CS First website to access the Classes page.

Current classes

A list of all your current CS First classes, with access to the class code and active students for each class. Click on any class to view it in more detail or to make changes.

You can archive and reorder classes by clicking the three dots to the right of a class name.

Archived classes

View and delete classes that you have archived, or restore them to Current classes.

Join a class

Enter a teacher code to join a class as a co-teacher.

My profile

Access Google account services and/or delete your CS First account.

Curriculum page

Access to online student content, teacher resources, and digital materials.


Click on any class to view specific class details or to make changes

  1. Visit your Classes page and click on a specific class card to see a detailed view of that class.

  2. Click on the Activities icon on the left hand side to view or edit the details of your class. Here you can:

    1. Edit your class name

    2. Add activities

    3. View current activities

    4. Reorganize, remove, and mark activities as finished

    5. Access activity materials

    6. View student progress summary and details

  3. Click on the People icon on the left hand side to manage students and co-teachers for your class. Here you can, 

    1. View students’ usernames, passwords, recent activity and Scratch profiles

    2. Add names for each of your student accounts

    3. Remove students

    4. Print instructions for students to join your class

    5. View and remove co-teachers

    6. Email instructions for co-teachers to join your class


Viewing your students' projects in Scratch

The following steps should direct you to your students' Shared Projects pages in Scratch.

  1. Visit your Classes page.

  2. Click on the Class card you want to access.

  3. Click on the People icon on the left hand side, under Activities.

  4. Use the Scratch profile column (on the far right) to access each students' Shared Projects page in Scratch.

    1. If you don't see any shared projects for a given account, ensure your student has been signing in to the CS First website and Scratch using their CS First username and password. A student must be signed in to Scratch in order for projects to save. Also ensure the student has selected the option to share their project(s) in Scratch.


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