About Scratch

Scratch is a block-based coding platform that gives kids the opportunity to code their own interactive games, stories, and more. Students that are part of CS First will create their projects using Scratch.

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

The Scratch website is down or other issues

If you have trouble accessing or using the Scratch website, you can visit the Scratch help page, report the issue, and/or download Scratch Desktop. Please note: if you use Scratch Desktop with CS First, your students won't be able to share their projects and you will not be able to access student projects from your class dashboard.

Projects not saving in Scratch

If your students are having trouble saving in Scratch or they are losing work, here are a few things to try to ensure your students’ projects are being saved and shared properly.

  1. Make sure your students are signed in to both the CS First website and Scratch with their designated CS First account. See instructions here.
  2. Once your students have signed in to Scratch using their CS First username and password, make sure they click "Remix" and then "Share." See instructions here.
  3. You can access and view your students' projects in Scratch by following the instructions here. Keep in mind your students must complete steps 1 & 2 in order for you to access their Scratch profiles.

If you have tried steps 1-3 and you are still experiencing issues, make sure that students completely sign out of the CS First website and Scratch after each session. If students switch computers between sessions, it is possible that they are automatically signed in to the account that last used their computer. Only one person can be signed in to Scratch per IP address, so if multiple students sign in to Scratch with the same username/password, the first user is automatically logged out and will need to sign in again.


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