International Availability of Curriculum and Materials

Country availability

CS First is available for use globally. To see which languages CS First is offered in, please visit the Language Availability section below.

Language availability

All of our lessons and materials are available in English.

The following reflects the curriculum we have available in other languages. Use the language picker at the bottom right corner of the CS First website to access the activities in different languages.

  • High Seas, Animate a Name, Storytelling, Fashion, Game Design, Art, and Music & Sound are available in German.
  • High Seas, Animate a Name, Storytelling, Fashion, Game Design, and Art, are available in French.
  • High Seas, Animate a Name, Storytelling, Fashion, Game Design, and Art, are available in Italian.
  • High Seas, Storytelling, Game Design and Art are available in European Spanish
  • Welcome to Scratch for CS First, and Introduce your City Using Programming are available in Japanese

Separately, all of our standalone lessons (with the exception of High Seas and Gumball), are also available in Latin American Spanish. You can access those by going to the English version of those activities on our curriculum page.

We will update this article as new languages become available.

Classroom kit shipment availability

Currently, CS First classroom kits can only be shipped within the US.

Digital Materials are available to download and print in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.

International Standards Alignment

Ireland: Lero, Aug 2021. This document was developed by a team of experienced teachers led by Lero at NUI Galway and the University of Limerick. It shows how CS First meets the learning outcomes and strands of key areas of the Irish primary and post-primary curriculum, including Primary Maths, Junior Cycle Coding and Leaving Certificate Computer Science. 

UK: Miles Berry and Dr John Woollard, May 2018. This document was developed by Miles Berry and Dr John Woollard and contains details of potential mappings between Google’s CS First material and the UK school curriculum for children aged 9-14.


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