Print Materials

Requesting print materials

Qualifying locations (see Materials shipment availability section) can request print materials for our "Complete themes" during the class set up process. Materials typically arrive within a few days prior to your start date. 

Each materials kit has enough materials for up to 30 students.

The items listed below, along with other resources (including detailed Lesson Plans for teachers), are also available to view and/or print online

Kits include

Student passports

Each student receives a passport to record their usernames and passwords, and to keep track of their progress throughout the class.​

Participation badge stickers

Students receive badges (stickers), to place in their passports as they complete activities.

CS First Community Board

The CS First community board is designed to be placed in a visible location at the front of the room. Following the final video, students are asked to post words of thanks or encouragement, called a "shout-out," to a student or teacher who helped them.

Class Roster

Teachers can use this to keep track of students’ names and usernames.

Informational Flyer

Teachers can use this to advertise their class.

Solution Sheets

Teachers can use this to help guide their students through the coding activities.

Edit materials request / Track print materials

To edit your request or track your print materials shipment:

  1. Visit your My Clubs page.
  2. Click on the class you wish to edit.
  3. Click edit next to "Step 3."

Report a materials issue

If your class is scheduled to start in 2 days or less and you haven't received your materials, or to report an issue with your materials, contact us here.


Headphones are no longer provided by CS First due to the growth of the program. Please consider acquiring a set of headphones for your students and/or borrowing from another teacher.

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