Classroom Kits


As of June 12, CS First has been updated with new features. The following information is based on the new feature experience.

Requesting a Classroom Kit

Qualifying locations (see shipment availability section) can request a classroom kit for our "Complete themes" during the class set up process.

Classroom Kits include

  • The CS First Starter Guide - for teachers, to help you prepare for your first class.

  • Stickers - For students, to encourage participation and for fun!

  • Certificates (50) - For students, to acknowledge your students’ success.

  • Shout Out Poster - For students, to recognize peer accomplishments and to build classroom community

Track your classroom kit order

To track your kit shipment:

  1. Visit your Classes page.
  2. Click on the class you want to track materials for.
  3. Review the shipping status for the current activities. The shipping status will be updated with tracking information.

Edit your classroom kit request

Coming soon. This feature is not currently available.

Report an issue with your classroom kit

  1. Review this important update regarding new kits before you move to Step 2.
  2. If your class is scheduled to start in 3 days or less and you haven't received your materials, or to report an issue (damage, etc.) with your materials, contact us here.


Headphones are no longer provided by CS First due to the growth of the program. Please consider acquiring a set of headphones for your students and/or borrowing from another teacher.

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