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Access content without an account

To access CS First content without an account, see the Accessing CS First without setting up a club section for more information.


Hosts/teachers are responsible for meeting the minimum requirements, setting up a club, and in some cases, facilitating the club. 

Create a CS First Host Account

If you would like to set up and/or host a CS First club, you will need to create a CS First account. Anyone (teachers, parents, after-school professionals, etc.) can create an account. To create one, visit the login page and click I'm a teacher on the right side of the screen.

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Change the email for a Host account

  1. Click the blue Sign in with Google button
  2. Click I'm a teacher on the right side of the screen
  3. Sign up with your new email address
  4. Sign out of your new account
  5. Sign in again with your old email address
  6. Visit your MyClubs page and click on the club you want to access
  7. Click edit beside the "Hosts" section on your club dashboard and invite your new email address as a host
  8. Sign out of your old account
  9. Sign in to your new account, visit your notifications tab, and accept the invitation to be a host
  10. You can then remove your old account as a host if you wish

Domain changes to a Host account

If your institution undergoes a domain change from a Google domain to a different domain that is still with Google, your previous CS First club information will continue to be available to you. Your new email address will be associated with your old account.

Sign in to CS First using your new email address, and your existing clubs and teacher dashboards should appear. If that doesn't work, follow the standard Google Account Recovery process to reclaim access to your previous account.

Ex: to


The role of a Co-host is to partner with and/or assist the Host. Responsibilities will vary and some clubs will not have a co-host.

Co-hosts have the same access to club data as the Host. Co-host's should only be added by a Host if they are certain they want this person to see all club information, including student progress.

Create a Co-host account

To be a co-host for a club
  1. Visit the CS First login page .
  2. Click I'm a teacher on the right side of the screen. 
  3. Select "Teacher (Host)" as your role.
Add a Co-host

To add a co-host to a club

The original host should

  1. Visit their My Clubs page.
  2. Click on the club to access the "Setup" page.
  3. Click edit next to the "Optional: Hosts" step at the bottom of the page.
  4. Invite the co-host. Be sure to use the email the co-host used to create their CS First account.

The co-host should

  1. Log in to the CS First website (using the email that the host invited).
  2. Visit their My Clubs page.
  3. Accept the invitation to be added as a co-host. 


Students are the participants in a club. 

Create Student Accounts

The process for adding students to your club is also outlined in Day 1 of your Lesson Plans. 

  1. Students visit
  2. Students click the blue Enter Club Code button. 
  3. Students enter the club's unique club code (found on the host's My Clubs page), and follow a series of prompts to generate a username and password.
    1.  Usernames and passwords are anonymous and randomly generated by Scratch. Students can use these to log in to CS First and the Scratch website.
    2.  Encourage students to write down their username and password somewhere that they won't lose it. Students can use this information to log in to future CS First activities as well.
    3.  If the student has participated in CS First clubs before, they can use their existing username and password to log in with your club code.
  4. Student accounts appear on the Student Stats page of the club dashboard once students have logged in.

Delete student accounts

You can remove extra student accounts from the Student Stats section on your club dashboard. 

  1. Check the box beside the name of each student you want to remove.
  2. Click the trash can button on the blue bar that appears on top of the list of student accounts.

If you remove an account by accident

  1. Have the student click the blue Enter Club Code button on the login page
  2. Have the student enter your unique club code again.
  3. When asked if they need a CS First username and password, they should click No, I have one, and enter their old account information, which will add them to your club again.
Student names have disappeared / "Add Name" feature for student accounts

To preserve student privacy, student names are stored only on your computer. They are never sent across the internet or stored on Google's servers.

Consequently, student names added using the "Add Name" feature on your Student Stats page are tied to the computer and browser you enter them on. If you sign in on a different computer or use a different browser, the names will not appear. Additionally, if your IT department has installed management software on your computer that periodically resets or restores it, names may be lost.

You can add names to the hard copy roster included in your printed materials or download and print the online version. Many teachers create their own Google spreadsheet to keep track of CS First student names, usernames, and passwords.

Privacy Policy

Our website is governed by the terms and privacy policy listed on our website (bottom of each page). Additionally:

  • Only teachers use Google accounts to set up CS First clubs.
  • Students do not create or need Google accounts to participate in CS First. They are issued anonymous, randomly-generated usernames used only by the teacher for student progress tracking.
  • Google does not receive any personally identifiable information from students through CS First.
  • To preserve student privacy, names are stored on your computer rather than on Google's servers. 




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