Common Issues & Troubleshooting

Common Issues

Student stuck in the "Teacher" role

It's likely that your student signed in as a teacher at some point. The best way to fix this is to have the student delete their "teacher" account by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Teacher button (top right).
  2. Click on My profile.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the profile page and click Delete my CS First account.

If you're using Google Classroom (GC), after they have deleted their account, update your GC roster so that their invitation is resent via Google Classroom.

Then, sign-in to CS First, click on your class, click the People tab, then scroll down and click on Import Changes so your student list reflects the changes you made in GC.

Blue Screen/loading loop when accessing the Scratch for CS First editor

This is a known issue. Please visit this article for more information.

Student names have disappeared

To preserve student privacy, student names are stored only on your computer. They are never sent across the internet or stored on Google's servers.

Consequently, student names added using the "Add Name" feature on a class’s People page are tied to the computer and browser you enter them on. If you sign in on a different computer or use a different browser, the names will not appear. Additionally, if your IT department has installed management software on your computer that periodically resets or restores it, names may be lost.

If you create student accounts in a batch, you will receive a download of your class roster. You can track your students’ names there or you can create your own spreadsheet to track CS First accounts, including student names, usernames, and passwords.

You can also download and print a blank class roster and add student names there for a more permanent solution. To do so, visit, click on your activity, and toggle to the Materials tab.


CS First website troubleshooting

If you or your students are experiencing issues with the CS First website or videos, please complete the following steps before contacting CS First.

  • Try a new browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and check if the issue still exists.

  • If the issue still exists, ensure you are running the latest version of your browser and install any necessary updates and try again. See Supported Browser article for more information.

  • If the issue still exists, you may need to adjust your firewall requirements. Your school's IT person may be able to help with this.

  • If the issue still exists, try restarting your computer and try again.

  • If the issue still exists, contact your IT department to see if they can assist.

If none of the steps above resolve your issue, you can contact CS First.

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