Set up a Class

Set up a Class

Our goal is to help teachers feel confident and well-equipped to bring CS First to their classrooms in a way that best fits their learning environments. Before setting up your class, take a look at some of these getting started resources for teachers:

Steps to Set up a Class

Sign in to the CS First website, and visit your dashboard (if you're not automatically directed there), and complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the + button at the top of the left vertical menu.
  2. Click on Create a class.
  3. Fill out your Class name, and choose how you would like your students to sign in to CS First:
  4. Click Create.
  5. Once you've reached your class page, click on + Add units. This will take you to the main CS First curriculum page.
  6. Select a one-hour lesson or a multi-day unit, by clicking the gray Add to class button. You can add multiple one-hour lessons or multi-day units to a class.
  7. Confirm the class you'd like to add the unit to, then select your materials preference.

Note: We currently have a 10 class limit per week. You should be able to create additional classes about 7 days after you hit this limit. 

Choosing a lesson

Visit our Curriculum page where you can use the Curriculum finder to help you choose lessons based on subject, your students’ experience with coding, lesson duration, etc.

We recommend that you choose one activity per class at a time. They are designed to be social and collaborative and there is a lot of value and support that students offer one another when they work on the same activity.
There is choice embedded in each lesson in a variety of ways that elicit creativity and innovation by students including: add-ons, time to explore and extend, and if they finish early, they can still access any and all of the other CS First activities.

Adding Students

Visit the Class Management section to learn more about adding students to your class.

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