Set up a CS First Class

Create a CS First Teacher Account

  1. On the CS First website, click Sign In

  2. Select I’m a Teacher, and click (or enter) the email account you would like to use to set up your class.

    Note: To use CS First with Google Classroom, you must use your Workspace for Education account at this step.

  3. Complete your profile information.

  4. If you have a Workspace for Education account, you will have the opportunity to connect your CS First dashboard to Google Classroom at this time.

    Note: If you select “Not now,” you can still connect to Google Classroom later. Just navigate to your Profile and click Get Started under Google Classroom.

  5. After you have created your teacher account, you will see the CS First dashboard welcome message and you will have the option to add a class.

How to set up a CS First class

Sign in to the CS First website, click on My classes and complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the Create class button.

  2. Choose how you would like your students to sign in to CS First: using Workspace for Education accounts or CS First accounts.

  3. Click on the card for the class you created.

  4. Click on the Add units button.

  5. Select a  standalone lesson or a unit, by clicking the Add to class button.

  6. Choose your materials preference. Please note that classroom kits are only available for multi-lesson units.

You can add multiple standalone lessons or multi-lesson units to a class.

Choosing a lesson

Visit our Curriculum page where you can use the Curriculum finder to help you choose lessons based on subject, your students’ experience with coding, lesson duration, etc.

We recommend that you choose one activity per class at a time. They are designed to be social and collaborative and there is a lot of value and support that students offer one another when they work on the same activity.
There is choice embedded in each lesson in a variety of ways that elicit creativity and innovation by students including: add-ons, time to explore and extend, and if they finish early, they can still access any and all of the other CS First activities.
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