New Lesson: Debugging

Our newest lesson, Debugging, is now available as an early preview experience. Read on below to find out how you can test out this new content and help us create a better experience for your students.

About Debugging

This lesson has been built to showcase a new layout for student instruction and validation functionality that aims to increase student engagement and learning. Students will continue to move step-by-step through the lesson at their own pace, with scaffolding like hints, highlights, and text-to-speech instructions. Additionally they will also be supported with direct instruction to “Read”, “Do”, and “Answer'' certain things. Along with keeping students engaged we believe this format will help teachers differentiate instruction more easily while helping students feel more confident, more successful, and more creative with the projects they make in CS First. The lesson aims to give students with no prior Scratch experience a basic introduction to the concept of debugging.

What does “Preview” mean and why are we doing it?

Preview means that the content is still undergoing development but is ready to start testing in classrooms, and we believe it can be improved through your feedback before it's finalized. Similar to a “beta” version or a “pilot,” you may encounter bugs or other issues while trying out this lesson, and the content may change during or after the preview period. By offering Debugging in this early phase, we are able to see how this lesson performs and obtain meaningful insights from teachers. Based on the feedback we receive we will make a decision about including this lesson in our selection of units/lessons and making more lessons like it. 

How to access Debugging

You can access and test out Debugging here.

Expectations of teachers testing Debugging

  • Use the lesson with your students. The more we can learn from our actual users during this preview period, the better it will become for future generations of students.
  • Provide feedback. The goal of Debugging is to increase student confidence and competency in Scratch before moving on to other modules or even other Scratch curricula. Providing feedback will help to inform whether or not we achieved this goal.

Provide feedback for Debugging

Leave your feedback for Debugging here. We appreciate you taking the time to help improve the CS First experience.


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