Co-Teacher Accounts

The role of a co-teacher is to partner with and/or assist the lead CS First teacher. Responsibilities will vary and many classes will not have a co-teacher.

Co-teachers have the same access to class data as the lead CS First teacher. Co-teachers should only be added by the lead CS First teacher if they are certain they want this person to see all class information, including student progress.

Add a co-teacher account

Coordinate with the lead teacher to join their class as a co-teacher by following these instructions.

The lead teacher should:

  1. Visit their CS First dashboard.
  2. Click on the class they want to add a co-teacher to.
  3. Click the People tab (to the right of Units) and scroll down to the Co-teachers section.
  4. Locate the teacher code, which is located in the gray box and should consist of lowercase letters and numbers.
  5. Share that teacher code with their co-teacher(s).

The co-teacher(s) should:

  1. Visit the CS First website and click Sign in.
  2.  Select I am a teacher and follow the prompts. 
  3. From their Classes page, click on the + button (upper left side of screen) and select the Join a class option.
  4. Enter the teacher code that was shared by the lead teacher and follow the prompts to join the class.

Remove a co-teacher from your class

To remove a co-teacher from your class:

  1. Visit your Classes page.
  2. Click on the class you want to access.
  3. Click on the People tab (next to Units).
  4. Scroll down to the Co-teachers section and hover over the co-teacher's row.
  5. Click the three vertical dots on the far right side of the row.
  6. Click Remove teacher then click Yes, remove went prompted.

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