Test our newest Unit, Welcome to CS First


Our newest Unit, Welcome to CS First, is now available as an early preview experience. Read on below to find out how you can test out this new content and help us create a better experience for your students.

About Welcome to CS First

Welcome to CS First is our new introductory Unit designed to take students from little or no computer science or Scratch experience up to confident beginners over the course of four lessons. Each lesson introduces one key programming concept alongside one important feature of Scratch – building up a foundation that will help to ensure students are successful in later programming lessons.


Welcome to CS First is also our first Unit to support text-based instruction directly within the Scratch for CS First editor. Instead of following a video tutorial, students move step-by-step through the lesson at their own pace, with included scaffolding like hints, highlights, and text-to-speech instructions. We believe this will help you differentiate instruction more easily while helping students feel more confident, more successful, and more creative with the projects they make in CS First.

What does “Preview” mean and why are we doing it?

Preview means that the content is still undergoing development but is ready to start testing in classrooms, and we believe it can be improved through your feedback before it's finalized. Similar to a “beta” version or a “pilot,” you may encounter bugs or other issues while trying out a this Unit, and the content may change during or after the preview period. By offering Welcome to CS First in this early phase, we are able to see how this Unit performs and obtain meaningful insights from teachers. Once we incorporate the suggestions and feedback, we’ll remove the preview badge and add it to our curriculum collection.

How to access Welcome to CS First

You can access and test out Welcome to CS First here.

Expectations of teachers testing Welcome to CS First

  • Use the Unit with your students. The more we can learn from our actual users during this preview period, the better it will become for future generations of students.
  • Provide feedback. The goal of Welcome to CS First is to increase student confidence and competency in Scratch before moving on to other modules or even other Scratch curricula. Providing feedback will help to inform whether or not we achieved this goal.

Provide feedback for Welcome to CS First

Leave your feedback for Welcome to CS First here. We appreciate you taking the time to help improve the CS First experience.

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