Additional Languages

The Scratch for CS First coding editor is currently available in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, European Spanish and Japanese. To switch your language in the Scratch for CS First editor, click on the globe icon next to the Scratch for CS First logo in the top left corner of the Scratch editor.

CS First offers lessons in German, Italian, French, European Spanish and Japanese. Separately, all of our standalone lessons (with the exception of High Seas and Gumball) are available in Latin American Spanish. You can access standalone lessons in Latin American Spanish by navigating to the English version of each lesson on our Curriculum page and clicking View to open each lesson.

All CS First Videos include written transcripts that can be copied and pasted into a translation tool, such as Google Translate, to translate them into additional languages.

To access the transcript for a CS First video:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the View button for the lesson you are using.

  3. Select a video from one of the activities within the lesson.

  4. Click the arrow next to Transcript, directly below the video to display the transcript.

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