Use CS First with Google Classroom

You can share all the lessons in the CS First Curriculum with Google Classroom. 

Use Google Classroom to:

  • Manage your classes and roster

  • Create and grade assignments

  • Collect student work

Use CS First to:

  • Browse for computer science lesson

  • Deliver lessons through provided videos

  • Track which videos students have watched


Certain types of Google accounts cannot be imported from Google Classroom to CS First. If you have imported your roster from Google Classroom and some or all of your students are not importing, read these instructions.
Connect your CS First account with Google Classroom

To connect CS First with your Google Classroom account, first you must connect the two accounts.

  1. Sign in to CS First as a teacher. (You must use a Workspace for Education account to sign in to CS First if you want to link your CS First and Classroom accounts.)

  2. Navigate to your Profile.

  3. Under Google Classroom, click Get Started.

  4. Click Connect with Classroom.

  5. Follow the steps on the screen.

Import classes from Google Classroom
  1. From your dashboard, click Create class.

  2. Choose classes from Google Classroom to import.

  3. Click Import.

Manage students and co-teachers

When you import a class from Google Classroom, all students and co-teachers are automatically invited to your class in CS First. To join your class, they must sign into CS First with the Google account they use for your Google Classroom class and accept your invitation in CS First. They will not receive an email or a class code directing them to your class.

After students join your class, you are able to use Google Classroom to track their progress as they watch CS First videos and complete assessments.

When co-teachers join your class, they can do everything you can with that class, including viewing student progress.

To make changes to your student or co-teacher roster:

  1. Add or remove students or co-teachers in Google Classroom

  2. Navigate to your class in CS First.

  3. Open the People page for that class.

  4. Click Import changes at the bottom of the page.

Create CS First assignments
  1. Navigate to the Curriculum page on CS First.

  2. Click on a lesson that you'd like to assign to your class.

  3. Click Add to class.

  4. Choose the classes you'd like to assign this lesson to, then click Next.

  5. Click Create Google Classroom assignments.

  6. Make changes as needed to the assignment, then click Assign. For help creating a Google Classroom assignment see instructions here.

The lesson will now show up inside Google Classroom as an assignment, and in your CS First dashboard so that you can track your students’ progress as they watch the videos in the lesson. You can edit the assignment in Google Classroom after you've created it.

Google Classroom and CS First assignments are not linked beyond the ability to share lessons; submitting work through one platform will not automatically sync to the other. In order to access your student’s projects from Google Classroom, students will need to click the Share to Classroom button in the Scratch for CS First editor.  


For more information about using Google Classroom, visit the Google Classroom Help Center.

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