Note: Google Maps Coordinate has been deprecated, and will continue to work through January 26, 2016. After January 26, 2016, Google Maps Coordinate will no longer be available.

Maps Coordinate Setup Guide

Maps Coordinate is available to anyone with a My Maps Pro account. To quickly get started with Google Maps Coordinate:

Add or license users in the Google Admin console (organizations only)
Make sure each user has a My Maps Pro account. If you already added or licensed all your users when setting up My Maps Pro, you can skip this step.
Create a team in Coordinate
Add your users to a team so they can start using Coordinate
Install the mobile app for Android or iOS
Each mobile worker needs to install the Coordinate app on their phone or tablet. If you're setting up a mobile workforce for your organization, you can help users setup their mobile devices.
Complete optional steps
These additional steps that can help you use Coordinate more efficiently.
 If you're trying Coordinate during a My Maps Pro trial for your organization, make sure you complete My Maps Pro setup to continue using Coordinate. (If you purchased Pro just for yourself, you don't need to set up Pro.)
Need help? Join the Coordinate community forumso you can ask questions and exchange ideas with other Coordinate users. Or contact us with your questions.
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