Note: Google Maps Coordinate has been deprecated, and will continue to work through January 26, 2016. After January 26, 2016, Google Maps Coordinate will no longer be available.

Create a team

Before your users can use Google Maps Coordinate, you must add them to a team in the Coordinate web console and assign them a role.

What's a team?

Teams organize your dispatchers and mobile workers into groups for easier jobs management. While you can assign users to multiple teams, users work in and see other users in only one team at a time. If dispatchers and mobile workers belong to multiple teams, they can select a team whey they sign in the web console or mobile app. 

Who can I add to a team?

You can add any other My Maps Pro users to a Coordinate team.

If you purchased My Maps Pro for your organization's domain: You can still add My Maps Pro users who are outside of your domain—that is, users who don't have email addresses with your organization. To add users in your domain, though, you'll need to add accounts for them in the Google Admin console by following these instructions.

Important: If you subscribed to Maps Coordinate before July 23, 2014, you're restricted to adding only users in your domain. However, you can remove this restriction.

Create a team

When you signed up for Coordinate, a default team, called "Team," was created for you. Add users to that team or to any new teams you create.

When creating new teams, it's a good idea to use descriptive team names, such as a region name or job function. 
  1. Sign in to with your Google account user name and password.
  2. In the Select a team list on the right, click Create a new team.
    Don't see the Select a team list? Click  Settings gear  Setup > Team > Create a new team.
  3. Enter a name for the team.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Enter the email addresses of the users or groups you want add, separating multiple addresses with commas.
  6. Click Add to team.
  7. Check the box next to the users or groups to whom you want to assign a role.
  8. Check the box next to the role you want to assign to the selected users or groups: AdminDispatch, or Mobile worker. Each user or group can have one or multiple roles.

    When you assign a user a new role, Coordinate automatically sends them a notification email with instructions for signing in to the web console or installing the mobile app, depending on their role.

  9. When you're done assigning roles, click Finish.
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