Note: Google Maps Coordinate has been deprecated, and will continue to work through January 26, 2016. After January 26, 2016, Google Maps Coordinate will no longer be available.

Maps Coordinate overview for administrators

What’s Google Maps Coordinate?

Google Maps Coordinate is a mobile workforce management tool that's part of My Maps Pro. With Coordinate, your dispatchers can work more efficiently, because they'll have real-time visibility into the location of your mobile workers and can send job assignments directly to their mobile devices. In the field, mobile workers can keep their dispatchers updated on the status of their job assignments, and can work more efficiently by knowing where everyone is.

How Coordinate works

Google Maps Coordinate includes both a web console, which runs in a web browser, and a mobile app, which runs on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Web console (administration)

Coordinate administrators use the web console to set up Coordinate and create teams of users, which can include dispatchers, mobile workers, and other Coordinate administrators. 

Web console (dispatching)

Coordinate dispatchers use the web console to locate mobile workers in the field, assign jobs to the closest available worker, and monitor job status. Dispatchers can also view a worker's job and location history, so they can make better decisions in the future.

Mobile app

Coordinate mobile workers use the mobile app receive job assignments from their dispatcher, update job status, and locate jobs and other workers on the map. The app also immediately alerts workers to new job assignments.


Key Features


Create teams: Create groups, called teams, to which you can add administrators, dispatchers, and mobile workers
Manage user access: Add or remove users from teams and add or change users’ roles in Coordinate
Customize required job information: Specify which information dispatchers and mobile workers need to provide for jobs; includes ability to create custom job fields
Coordinate API: Build your own Coordinate applications using the API, which exposes job creation, listing, and update functionality through a RESTful web service (requires development experience)


Locate mobile workers in the field: Instantly see where everyone is on the detailed map, in real-time 
Dispatch and manage jobs: Assign a job to a mobile worker, specify a completion time, and then monitor job progress with real-time status updates from the worker and a detailed status history log
Add custom locations: Save your own locations on the map, so you can quickly enter them when assigning jobs for mobile workers
View job status: View job status: Get instant job status updates from mobile workers and see a detailed status history for any job
View a mobile worker's job history: See a list of all the jobs a worker was assigned for a specific day, week, or month and the status of those jobs
View a mobile worker's location history: See markers on the map for all the locations where a mobile worker has been on specific days, weeks, or months
View jobs history archive: See all completed jobs in one place for specific days, weeks, or months; download information about completed jobs to file for archival and analysis purposes, or to import into other systems, such as payroll
Video conference with mobile workers: Use Google+ Hangouts to conduct live video conferences with your mobile workers (for organizations, requires Google Apps)

Mobile workers

Locate team members in the field: Instantly see where everyone on your mobile team is on the detailed map, including your own location, in real-time 
Receive job assignments in the field: Get a real-time alert when your dispatcher assigns a new job to you, and view detailed information about the job on your mobile device
View job location: Locate the precise location of your job assignments on the map
Get directions: Get directions to your job's location, using the integrated Google Maps Navigation service of Google Maps
Accept or reject jobs: Let your dispatcher know whether or not you can work on a job assignment
Check in to and out of jobs: Let your dispatcher know when you've started a job and when you've finished
Update job status and information: At any time, quickly change the status of a job or add notes to it
Join a hangout with your dispatcher: Your dispatcher can start a video conference, called a hangout, with you, so you can communicate in real-time with your mobile device (this feature not available with all implementations of Coordinate)


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