Feature access restrictions for policy violations

We sometimes restrict feature access when multiple or severe violations of the Google Maps user-generated content policy (“content policy”) are identified. If your feature access is restricted, content associated with your Maps profile may also be removed.

What happens if your feature access is restricted?

When your feature access is restricted, you may be notified. In most cases, we also tell you:

  • What feature access is restricted
  • What you can do next

When your feature access is restricted, your content submissions may be marked as “Not posted,” “Private,” “Not Accepted,” or something similar. In some cases, your content or edits may be deleted entirely due to legal requirements or the severity of the violation.

If you think we made a mistake, you may be able to appeal the feature access restriction.

If you have a Business Profile and a Maps profile attached to your Google Account, violations that occur on either profile could cause feature access restrictions across both profiles.

What to do if your feature access is restricted

We want to help you keep contributing, so remember to do the following:

  1. Learn about our content policies to make sure your content and behaviors follow our policies.
  2. Check for previous content removal notifications you may have received for more details on the specific policy violations.
  3. After reviewing our policies, if you think we made a mistake, let us know. You might be able to appeal the decision in certain cases. Learn more about appealing content removal.

Tip: If your content has been removed because of a Google Account restriction, the content removals will also be reviewed as part of your appeal. Deleting content may not resolve your feature access restrictions.

Check if your feature access is restricted

The status of your Google Account, including whether your feature access was restricted due to policy violation(s), can be found in your Google Account settings page. Feature access may be restricted due to violative behaviors as well as posting violative content. When a Google Account’s feature access is restricted, other content posted by the Google Account may also be removed.

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