Find or add emergency contacts on Pixel

If you have a Pixel phone, you can choose certain people to be your emergency contacts. Also, you can view the people you’ve added as emergency contacts through the Safety app.

Add an emergency contact

To add an emergency contact, open the Safety app Safety app. Learn how to add an emergency contact.

Find an emergency contact in the Contacts app

  1. Open your phone’s Contacts app .
  2. Choose a contact. If it says 'Emergency contact' under their name, they’re an emergency contact. 
    • If your contact has more than one phone number, their emergency phone number is marked as 'Emergency'.
    • To view the rest of your emergency contacts, tap Emergency contact. The Safety app will open with a list of your emergency contacts.
    • If none of your contacts are labelled 'Emergency contact', make sure that you're signed in to your Google Account in the Safety app. Open the Safety app, tap Sign in, then tap your Google Account.

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