Merge duplicate contacts

If you have duplicate listings for the same person in Google Contacts, you can merge them.

You can't merge contacts that are saved in different Google Accounts.

Merge duplicates

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Contacts app .
  2. At the top left, tap Menu Suggestions.
  3. Tap Clean up duplicates. If you don’t see this, you don’t have any contacts that can be merged.
    • To accept a single duplicate contact suggestion, tap Merge.
    • To accept all duplicate contact suggestions, at the top of the screen, tap Merge All.
  4. Optional: If you'd rather choose which contacts to merge:
    1. Open your device's Contacts app .
    2. At the top right, tap More Select.
    3. Choose the contacts you want to merge.
    4. At the top right, tap More Merge.

Separate merged contacts

You can separate a contact that you merged.

Learn how to undo changes to contacts.

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