Use Google Contacts with a screen reader

You can use a screen reader with Google Contacts.

Screen readers you can use

Operating system Screen reader Browser
Microsoft Windows NVDA or JAWS Firefox
Mac VoiceOver Safari
Chrome OS ChromeVox Google Chrome

Keyboard shortcuts

For the following shortcuts to work, your screen reader should be switched to "Focus mode" for NVDA or "Forms mode" for JAWS. If you use VoiceOver or Chromevox, you don't need to use any special modes.

Action Shortcut
Move to Search box /
Open list of keyboard shortcuts ?
Go to next contact j or
Go to previous contact k or
Select current contact x
Select all contacts in a list ⌘ or a
Open contact details Enter
Save edits to a contact or Ctrl + Enter
Undo last action z

Navigate Google Contacts

Google Contacts includes 5 main sections:

  • Google bar
  • Search box
  • Navigation list
  • List of contacts
  • Contact details
Google bar

The Google bar provides links and pop-up menus related to your Google Account, like other Google applications, account notifications, and the link to sign out of your account.

Links & menus in the Google bar

  • Apps: Opens to let you navigate to other Google applications.
  • Unread notifications: Shows notifications from your Google+ account. If you use Google+ and you have Google+ notifications, you can read them here.
  • Account: Lets you sign out, add an account, manage your account, or see Google's privacy policy. If you use Google+, the menu also has a link to your Google+ profile.

To move focus to the Search box, where you can search your contacts, press /.

Navigation list

The navigation list controls which contacts appear in the main view, and it includes links to other tools and resources.

Options in the navigation list

  • All contacts
  • Frequent: Frequently contacted contacts
  • Duplicates: Review and merge duplicate contacts in your account
  • Labels: Organize your contacts into groups
  • More: Explore other options, like Import, Export, and Print
  • Settings
  • Help & feedback
Contacts list and details

The main contacts view includes a list of your contacts.

To view or edit the details for a contact, press Enter.

To return to the contacts list, press Escape.

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