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Google Surveys has extensive checks in place to prevent fraudulent responses, which include detecting “fast clicks” (users who may have clicked randomly on an answer rather than carefully selected one), weeding out responses from users who tend to always click on the first answer to a question, identifying irrelevant responses, and randomly asking questions that only have one truthful answer (e.g., “Who is the current president of the United States?”). This analysis is done after response collection and inattentive or fraudulent responses are removed.

In the case of "fast clicks", if this happens repeatedly, only the alternate action is shown and the user will no longer see the question option. Additionally, we filter open-ended responses when possible to identify responses that may not be relevant to the question at hand. While we strive to eliminate all irrelevant responses, our filters may not always be comprehensive. If you have any concerns about responses to certain questions in your survey or want to alert us of areas for improvement, we encourage you to contact us.

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